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Providing the highest quality PCB assembly services

With a complete advanced manufacturing facility and expert team, we offer effective PCB assembly services to our clients. Whether you need small volumes or mass production, we can handle the simplest PCB boards or the most complex designs. We take pride in offering our clients fast, high-quality, accurate assembled printed circuit boards. You can ask us to provide you prototype before ordering large batches. Our expert team will help you with everything you don’t know about PCB assembly. We use the most advanced techniques and modern technology to meet your PCBA needs. We are ready to provide large batches as soon as you hire us, test a prototype, and send us your order. You can call us now if you need information about our PCB assembly services.

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quality pcb manufacturer
quality pcb manufacturer

How does our PCB assembly work?

After the initial design work is completed, the manufacturer creates the blank PCB boards. Assembling all necessary ICs and other components is the next step. And we at Shenzhen Sanmitron Electronics Co., Ltd. offer the most accurate and quality PCBA manufacturing services. We assembled the circuit carefully and precisely, affixing all the necessary components at all the correct places. Our expert professionals and technology provide one-stop PCB assembly services for your boards at any scale you require, whether a few quick-turn prototypes or a few thousand production boards.

● SMT assembly
● BGA assembly
● Through-hole assembly
● Mixed assembly
● Rigid-flex printed circuit board assembly

Custom PCB Assembly solution to meet your needs

PCB production is often more challenging in the early phases of the product manufacturer begins development independently. One of the benefits of working with Shenzhen Sanmitron Electronics Co., Ltd. is our ability to objectively assess your needs and recommend the process that will create your prototype or product more cost-effectively. Your PCBs will be fully assembled and shipped to you by our team. Let us help you plan your PCBA manufacturing process with a consultation or quote. We can create a custom PCB based on your specifications, such as:

● We understand the product function and performance
● Factors that impact the durability of the final product
● Quantity and price
● Reliability test includes temperature cycling
● Wire bonding
● Conformal coat
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We will ensure that your PCBs are assembled and ready for market as soon as possible. We can meet your needs with quick turn times and fully transparent pricing.

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quality pcb manufacturer