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PCB assembly Solution for LED

Shenzhen Sanmitron Electronics Co., Ltd.. provides end-to-end PCB assembly services for the clients. We can, however, accept Gerber files if you have a design. You will be able to avoid any design flaws by our highly efficient team scanning through your requirements. PCB Assembly refers to a PCB with all components installed. The LED PCB assembly refers to the assembly for LED lighting. Several LEDs and other components are integrated into an LED PCB Assembly. In order to dissipate heat faster, the assembly is usually made of aluminum. The material is durable and rigid. Withstanding wear and tear, it can work for an extended period of time. Depending on the buyer’s needs, there can be any type of assembly. The most common LED PCBs are strips, circular boards, and rectangular boards.

We can provide technical assistance to LED Assembly solutions. Your PCB design and final product may be improved by changes they suggest for existing designs. As far as your order volume is concerned, we are extremely flexible and open-minded. We can even take care of a PCB assembly requirement for you.

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pcb assembly supplier

LED Printed Circuit Boards services for wide range of applications

Shenzhen Sanmitron Electronics Co., Ltd. provide LED PCB assembly services for a variety of industries. The following are some important ones.

● Medical industry
● Headlights
● Solar power products
● Air landing and running Lights
● Traffic and Signal Lighting
● Flashlight and camping accessories
● Consumer electronics
● Telecommunication industry
● Street lights
● Spot lights
● Vehicle lights
● Elevator lights and more

How Our LED PCB assembly solution can benefit you?

Assembling LED PCBs means f installing components on them. It is a long process that includes every step. PCB assembly service is a turnkey service where everything is handled by our professionals. From component procurement to LED PCB assembly testing, everything we can take all the responsibility. The development of LEDs over the years has only increased their versatility and environmental friendliness, thus increasing their demand. PCBs Assembly are necessary for all LEDs used on roads, traffic stoplights, vehicles, homes, public and commercial spaces, industrial facilities, and sports fields. We understand that lead time is the critical success factor when prototyping a new PCB. We have helped many small and medium businesses with a quick time-to-market for their product prototypes and the best prices with our complete PCB assmebly solutions.

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