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PCB Assembly

With our fully integrated PCB assembly processes, we deliver world-class solutions at competitive prices and with unmatched market flexibility

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With our fully integrated PCB assembly processes, we deliver world-class solutions at competitive prices and with unmatched market flexibility.

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Our quality system meets ISO9001 standards, ensuring that our products meet high standards for quality and reliability. With a strong emphasis on customer service, we aim to provide our clients with a convenient and mutually beneficial manufacturing solution. Our commitment to strict techniques, good quality, prompt delivery, and excellent service has earned us industry praise and a good reputation from domestic and international customers.

PCB Assembly

We deliver printed circuit board assembly services that meet or exceed the demands of your industry at any level or scope.

PCB Assembly

The range of our PCBA expertise includes minimal layer PCBAs with basic thru-hole component distribution to 25-layer assemblies with hidden and stackable vias. Our continuous time-to-market pressures and cost competition ensure the elimination of waste, inefficiency, and unnecessary costs.

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Box Build

Box building is one of the most manual processes involved in electronics manufacturing services.

Box Build

Quality control and process control are vital to the box build’s success. To provide our customers with a complete EMS solution, we have expanded our final box assembly operations, including sub-assemblies, and the installation and routing of wire harnesses. Our team can source all materials, construct PCB assembly , supply cables, and put the final product together for our customers.

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Our PCB assembly prototype service allows you to identify and fix design problems before ordering your full run.


Depending on your custom requirements, we can prototype your PCB assembly quickly. We have a quality control department that ensures all work is performed following the proper regulations. In addition to providing quick-turn PCB assembly solutions, we ensure that all design specifications are adhered to throughout the process.

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Offering Tailored PCB Assembly Solutions

We at Shenzhen Sanmitron Electronics Co., Ltd. offer a comprehensive PCB assembly solution tailored to your specifications. We strive to listen to our clients. We offer complete custom PCB assembly solutions to help you meet your company goals. Whether you are running a startup or trying to find large-scale supplies, we can help. Timing and cost-effective delivery are fundamental to successful production and satisfied customers.

We have the most advanced technical support and expert team to meet your PCB assembly needs. Besides, Our procurement system is efficient, effective, and low-cost, and we gather market information efficiently and dynamically. Let us handle all your printed circuit assembly needs with the highest level of expertise available in the industry today.


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Sanmitron Electronics Co., Ltd. is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by fulfilling customer requirements. We are a one-stop solution for your PCB assembly needs.


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