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Look at the questions and answers we often receive from our clients. For the benefit of our clients, we have added the most frequently asked questions in this section. It will help you get more information about our services without contacting us.

Assembling printed circuit boards involves both surface mount and through-hole mounting of electrical parts. PCB assembly is also known as assemble a circuit board, assemble a printed wiring board, or assemble an electronic device. Our circuit board assembly business produces prototypes, small batches, batches, and high quantities of circuit boards.

The pigment is mixed with epoxy resin and reinforced with glass fibers to make the finished board under the copper tracks. You can order any of our standard PCB colors immediately, but if you have a specific color request, please get in touch.

The life expectancy of a PCB unit cannot be predicted, but visual inspections can help you determine when replacement components are necessary. These are some of the most common reasons for PCB failure component burnout and Poor storage techniques. Check for melted components if a product won’t power on. Warm, cold, or damp environmental conditions can cause warping or rust, which requires immediate attention.

Depending on PCB complexity, component quantity, and assembly method (automatic or manual) PCB assembly cost varies. There are mainly 3 factors that affect the price of PCB assembly

PCB complexity: High-frequency, rigid-flex, HDI, high-speed PCBs are more complex, resulting in higher assembly costs. PCBs that require drilling, such as buried vias, blind vias, or microvias, have a higher manufacturing cost.

Components: Assembly costs are also higher when PCBAs contain expensive components, such as ICs and FPGAs.

Assembly methods: The cost of automatic PCB assembly is higher than that of manual assembly. Automated assembly is reliable and precise, while manual assembly has a high scrap rate.

Using our reverse engineering capabilities, we can create single-layer and double-layer PCBs.

We have two options when we notice a shortage. To complete the order, we will notify you and wait until you ship the part. If you receive the boards, you can manually place that part when you receive the order.

We don’t inventory your parts before processing the job to maintain maximum flexibility and keep costs low. You are the one who supplies us with the right quantity and type of parts; we are an assembly house. If you are supplying parts, please ensure they are correct. The shortage may not be noticed until the day before shipping, even on a ten-day order.

There are mainly 3 types of assembly process are available. They are

● Thru-Hole Technology (THT) Assembly Process.
● Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly Process.
● Mixed Technology

We at Shenzhen Sanmitron Electronics Co. Ltd complete PCB services for our clients.

We offer accurate quote before starting project. With our workforce and technology support, we can meet your needs at affordable prices. Besides, we offer prototype before bulk amount of assembly project.

You can count on us for help. The netlist might be in a .net or .asc file from your schematic entry program if you had your design done out of the house. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

A PCB unit’s life span can’t be predicted, but periodic inspections can indicate whether it’s necessary to replace parts.

The lead time for assembly orders is only the period between when we receive your parts and when we ship your completed order. As a rule of thumb, we add the extra time it takes to obtain parts to the assembly lead time when determining turn-key order lead times. Boards can be produced in 24 to 5 days for prototypes and in 7-10 days for medium to large quantities. The PCB manufacturing and assembly lead time can be adjusted according to your needs.

If you are having issues while getting a quote, call us directly. There are times when our designers see things differently than you and your engineers. We’ll revise and modify our quoting process if you identify a shortcoming in your design.

From PCB component selection to assembly, all our in-house processes help us keep our prices competitive. In addition to saving you time and money, we utilize the latest and most efficient PCB assembly processes. For printed circuit boards, we also offer cost-effective bulk assembly options.

We can work from a mechanical drawing if you have one. You can order one from us if you don’t have one. Our designers will be happy to review your mechanical constraints with you if you call us.